Hello and welcome to my new picture blog.  It gives me a chance to show off the loveliness of my garden without lengthy explanations of what is what or how it got there. Having said that if you want to know more about anything just leave a comment or send me an email to annisveggies@hotmail.co.uk.

The posts are generally arranged as a gallery at the top and then the same pictures repeated below at full size.

This first post features a gallery of pictures from my first edible perennial garden in Telford, Shropshire.  We moved from that home in 2014 and this gives me a welcome opportunity for some nostalgia.


DSCN3291DSCN3292DSCN3376 gateDSCN3367DSCN3472

Telford garden in May




6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Your work is the perfect introduction to perennial vegetable gardening because you’ve melded the overly technical botanical collector with the visual appeal of the garden designer. It’s vogue.
    I have lent your book to some of my clients I’m designing gardens for, and have found they often see a book and just don’t open it. Same with blogs -which I really can’t relate to. Nothing but pictures might be just the ticket to get them inspired so I will be sending them to this site. Thanks so much!


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