May in my (former) Telford garden, onions, greens and lots of flowers…..

Welsh onion with strawberry
DSCN1426 3 cornered leek
Three cornered leek, forget me not behind, Telford garden May 2011
Daubenton’s kale plus forget me nots, Telford garden May 2010
DSCN6232 buckler leaf sorrel
Buckler leaf sorrel, Telford garden May 2014
DSCN3444 green shoots for tea 130512
Greens for tea from Telford garden May 2012
sweet ciceley dappled shade under apple May 2011 DSCN1425
Sweet cicely under apple, Telford garden May 2011
sweet woodruff May 2011 DSCN1429
Sweet woodruff in flower, fennel behind, Telford garden May 2011
DSCN6228 side garden 12 May 2014
Telford garden May 2014
DSCN6230 angelica
Angelica in Telford garden May 2014
Telford garden May 2014
DSCN3474 honesty etc
Honesty, euphorbia, erysimum – none of them are edible just for beauty!
DSCN3478 field beans, lemon balm,
Field beans in flower, lemon balm, forget me nots
DSCN3484 P1 plus flowers
Telford back garden May 2012
Telford garden May 2014
Telford garden May 2014
DSCN6237 mixed flowers
Telford garden May 2014


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