Polycultures in a new garden

Here are some of the polycultures that evolved in my Welsh borderland garden in 2013 which was my first summer there.


DSCN5512 front of main patch060913
mashua, Yacon, oca, buckwheat, potato
DSCN5390 yacon middle, oca in front mashua behind, french bean on sticks before going mad over the yacon later on
oca, yacon, mashua, French bean, potato (black plastic is next door)
DSCN5522 back of mainpatch 060913
French bean, mashua, Jerusalem artichoke
DSCN5391 polyculture edge
oca, potato, buckwheat, burdock, wild rocket, day lily
DSCN5405 yacon peas mashua
yacon, peas, mashua
DSCN5264 mashua with fennel and poppy at base
mashua, fennel, poppy
DSCN5269 yacon peas parsnip in flower
Yacon, peas, parsnip in flower
DSCN5270 yacon and peas left mashua hiding Jerusalem artichoke right
yacon, peas, mashua, Jerusalem artichoke
DSCN5297 mashua peas parsnip seeds
mashua, peas, parsnip seeds







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