Polyculture patch summer 2014

This polyculture patch was started in March 2014 and was but four months old by the time these pictures were taken.


photo (17) starting point March 2014
polyculture patch starting point March 2014

DSCN6528 polyculture patch 1

DSCN6519 polypatch 1
Welsh onion borage carrot (year 2) fennel kale lemon balm
DSCN6520 polypatch 1
carrot (year 2) fennel calendula, leaf beet (running to seed) burdock
DSCN6525 polypatch 1
field beans edible dahlia Welsh onion in foreground Jerusalem artichoke leaf beet fennel and more behind
photo (38) polypatch 1
borage Welsh onion fennel and more

photo (45) polypatch 1


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