February flowers

This is the second month of recording the flowers in the garden.  A forest garden needs flowers all year round, flowers of all types and shapes from many different plant families.  Having said that there do not need to be huge numbers in February.

Firstly there is a little bit of pulmonaria peeping out from behind a mulch pile.  This is supposed to flower early and will come into its own over the next few weeks.


I always associate sunny days in February with beaming clumps of bright crocus and there are plenty of those.  This patch under the hedge is particularly cheery.


I adore cowslips which have seeded themselves naturally in the garden, but this is earlier than usual to see one in flower, this one is their sole representative at the moment.


And lastly there is pachyphragma macrophyllum – a member of the brassica family which is edible and also rather lovely to behold!

pachyprhagma macrophyllum

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