mid to late April flowers

For the whole of this lovely April the garden has been filled with flowers and with bees and other insects busily visiting them – the new ones in flower include: Welsh poppy, fumitory, bugle, monkshood (aconitum), Solomon’s seal, buttercup, crab apple, chive, three cornered leek, herb Robert, chokeberry (aronia), yellow archangel, good King Henry, wayfaring tree (viburnum lantana), perennial cornflower and wild garlic.  Some I have planted, many (as indicated) have seeded themselves in the garden, most of these will be staying where they are as I welcome allcomers.  Meanwhile the forget me nots, sweet cicely, currants and fruit trees have continued to bloom, from jostaberries, to gooseberries, white currants, redcurrants and blackcurrants and from plums and gages to cherries, then pears and lastly apples.

I have put a gallery of photos at the top and individual photos underneath, unfortunately some of the photos are a bit fuzzy having been taken in windy conditions.



Welsh poppy, self seeded


fumitory, self seeded)


Bugle, self seeded




Solomon’s seal


buttercup, self seeded


crab apple


chive (first flower)


three cornered leek, self seeded


herb Robert, self seeded


chokeberry, aronia


wayfaring tree, viburnum lantana


aquilegia, self seeded


perennial cornflower, centaurea montana, self seeded


good King Henry, self seeded


wild garlic, self seeded


yellow archangel, self seeded


Morello cherry
plum Denbigh


cherry Cariad


pear Concorde


apple Sunset



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