5th May

It is spring at last and it is glorious!

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ground cover

ground cover round fruit trees


kale about to flower

kale about to flower


red and white currants in polyculture

currants in polyculture


cowslip nestling in burdock leaves

cowslips nestling in burdock leaves


sweet cicely

sweet cicely





Butterflies loving the alliums

These pictures were taken earlier in August when the alliums were in full flower – the red admiral and the peacock butterflies could not get enough of them.

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30 July 2017

Literally a few ‘snapshots’ of the garden this morning.


alliums growing through acer


St John’s wort with marjoram and day lilies


bee enjoying the elecampane (herb)


gooseberries ripening (Hinomaki red)


Chokeberry (aronia) – the birds are eating these berries today


tree onions and marjoram


Polyculture patches 3 and 4


alliums and salsify growing through nasturtiums


pathway through to apple tree edged with herbs

Chives, chives and more chives

These photos were taken last weekend, the bees were loving the flowers, different ones on forget me nots, chives and other flowers.


Lamb’s lettuce in flower, chives and Welsh onions


Chives and forget me nots


Chives with bees if you look closely


‘Spring’ polyculture, including chives, other onions, kales, Good King Henry and much more

May 2016

The garden in early May last year!  I forgot to post it at the time and just found it in the drafts folder.

Apple blossom


Sunset apple in bloom
Sunset apple in bloom, May 2017, planted 2014


Red Devil apple in bloom, May 2017
 Fan trained Red Devil apple, May 2017 with lathyrus latifolius climbing up, planted 2017


27 December 2016



KODAK Digital Still Camera
Perennial polyculture beds still frosty
KODAK Digital Still Camera
leaf beet (left) radish still growing (right)
KODAK Digital Still Camera
onions the greengrocer was throwing out (for sprouting) planted in summer and clearly pretty hardy!
KODAK Digital Still Camera
next year’s lamb’s lettuce
KODAK Digital Still Camera
one of two fruit trees that has not lost its’ leaves yet and still looks like it’s making new growth
KODAK Digital Still Camera
calendula and radish are still flowering
KODAK Digital Still Camera
frosty polycultures
KODAK Digital Still Camera
our new sitting out area
KODAK Digital Still Camera
turfs from the new patio area turned upside down on a polyculture bed